$15,000 To Millions$$$

Nabil X — Entrepreneur

1. Kamil Faizi: Challenge Coins 4 U in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Tip for Success: Take Time To Get To Know Your Customers

2. Albert Ariho: Rise Shea Butter (SMC) Ltd in Entebbe, Uganda

Tip for Success: Treat Your Employees Well

3. H. Adam Holt: Asset-Map in Philadelphia

Tip for Success: Launch a Business That Solves a Problem

4. John Paul DeJoria: John Paul Mitchell Systems in Beverly Hills, California

Tip for Success: Don’t Be Afraid of Rejection

5. Franz Jordan: Sellics in Berlin

Tip for Success: Create a Minimum Viable Product

6. Nate Martin: Puzzle Break in Seattle

Tip for Success: Start Something Fun

7. Michael O’Donnell: Cave Tools in Newtown, Pennsylvania

Tip for Success: Don’t Throw In the Towel Too Early

8. Kevin Plank: Under Armour in Baltimore

Tip for Success: Don’t Devalue Your Own Product



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