Finish the Year Strong

  • Cost/interest rate too high
  • Unfavorable repayment terms
  • Amount offered was too small
  • Collateral requirements
  • Debt-averse
  • Found enough funding from other sources

Cash Generation

1. Increase prices

2. Use upsells

3. Use cross-selling

4. Get clients to buy again

5. Generate client referrals

6. Collect your account receivables

7. Get paid first

8. Cash Management

9. Review and release subscriptions, memberships and perks

10. Renegotiate monthly costs

11. Stop ineffective marketing

12. Identify money leaks

13. Predictive cash flow management system

14. Cash Efficiencies

15. Refine routine processes

16. Implement time-saving technology

17. Lease, don’t own

18. Sublet unused space

19. Subcontract to other businesses


18. Low-cost SBA loans

19. Corporate grants

20. Friends and family

21. Crowd-funding



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