Why those TV stock “experts” tick me off :(

Nabil Albert
2 min readFeb 1


I rarely watch those annoying stock investing shows on financial news channels.


Because their style of investing drives me nuts.

They talk about how, “this company looks really undervalued right now and the stock price might go up soon” … or, “that company’s new technology could mean a big boost to their stock price in the next year.”

To me, that’s not investing — it’s hoping and praying.

I like investing scenarios that give me a VERY high probability of success.

I like money flowing into my account like clockwork.

Which is why I’m so impressed with my friend — and Rich Dad Expert — Andy Tanner’s approach to stock investing.

He’s smart because he knows that cash flow is king.

And his strategies to generate steady income from stocks is rock-solid.

In fact, he copied everything he does from billionaire stock investors like Warren Buffett!

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Albert X Ariho