Society pressures and bad programming tend to cause some girls to act less intelligent than than they really are. As in to act dumb. To pretend to not know what they actually know. Even 1+1 (in some cases). This wrong philosophy, among others, is what makes a lot of women think that the good man for their lives is one that lets them be petty, a little plastic and somewhat childish. However, the 'good men' that such women get tend to tolerate such behavior with the hope that she will change in the future and begin to reason and behave in a more natural, mature and intelligent manner. But a lot of women refuse to give up this control technic as it tends to help them have things their way. With time, the good men in these women’s lives get tired of drama.

Arguments about what follows are normally won by the women as there is never any physical evidence of there wrong doing.

The truth is that women could get all the love there is in the world without playing dumb.



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